Design and consulting
We design new shelters and shelter renovations for residential and industrial buildings with 25 years of expertise. We deliver true-to-scale location drawings and cross-section drawings of the castings either electronically or printed.  During the shelter design phase we consult the other designers to ensure that our end customers have the most profitable service and maintenance support. 

Casting control
Before pouring the concrete we perform a casting control. This procedure is included in our design services in the Finnish capital region.  In the neighbouring areas we perform control checks according to agreement.

Installation service
A few months before the building is finished, we install all the necessary devices and supply the shelter with equipment.  Testing the shelter, pressure tests and official reports are also part of our installation services. The installation services are available throughout the country. 

Renovation projects
We make renovation plans for shelters that are over 30 years old. We provide retrofit services for heating, plumbing, ventilation and electricity with devices that observe today’s regulations. 

Periodic inspections
We perform periodic inspections, maintenance and renovations for existing shelters. Periodic inspections should be carried out every 5-10 years to ensure that the products are still operable. We provide new equipment to replace the old. 

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