Suoja-Expert supports property owners in all matters relating to civil defence shelters

Suoja-Expert serves property owners by ensuring that the equipment and devices of their shelter are properly maintained and controlled and function according to all regulations. We do this with the help of regular condition checks, periodic inspections and pressure tests. In addition, we offer property owners maintenance service for shelter doors and hatches, and control checks for the HVAC equipment and inlets. Suoja-Expert also renovates outdated shelter equipment.

Property owners need to make sure that the size, structure, and location of the shelter meet all regulations. Suoja-Expert provides counsel on the design of a shelter before the construction stage, and also gives advice on building a cost-effective shelter. This is simply because the useful life of shelter equipment and devices should be at least 30 years. Equipment and parts of equipment that are mounted in the concrete structures are required to have a useful life of at least 50 years, which means that thorough planning in advance is crucial. 


  • Inspections

  • Repair and maintenance

  • Consulting

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