It’s the objective of Suoja-Expert Oy to satisfy and exceed the needs of our customers. Customer-oriented product development, accuracy of deliveries, flexibility and uncompromising quality guarantee customer satisfaction. The performance of Suoja-Expert Oy is based on the strong competence of our entire personnel, and on our diverse and carefully selected network of subcontractors.

Our product range covers products for new construction and renovation projects in S1-Class, S2-Class, S3-Class, S6-Class and Bedrock shelters (as described in the Finnish law). Our casting shipment includes doors, hatches and HVAC and power inlets that are installed into the wall structures.

In the final delivery you will find the following products: ventilation system with required equipment (overpressure valves, overpressure meter and supply air valves with duct supports), airlock tent with a mounting frame, dry closet with a mounting frame, reserve water tank, waste container and an equipment package.

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