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Suoja-Expert Oy was established by Viljo Väistö in 1984 as a traditional family enterprise, specialized in Shelter equipment. Today Suoja-Expert is a financially solid, modern, growing company with a very interesting future with its new products.

In 1997 we created the first Suoja-Expert’s own emergency ventilation systems IVL-1/45 and IVL-K/20. At the same year we established our new head office and production facilities in Espoo Finland.  Due to our growth we expanded our production and office space in 2006. Today we have a modern complex where our primary functions are located. Our annual turnover in Finnish markets is more than 5 million Euros. Suoja-Expert Oy belongs to International Defense Group Ltd (IDG) concern. Export business is maintained through IDG.

The Suoja-Expert Oy products are sold and installed in Finland by our own installation teams and network of local dealers. We ensure that the hardened shelters are equipped and installed as the Finnish regulators have demanded. After the installation the shelter is over pressured to confirm that the shelter is airtight. Special document is drafted from the test for the local authorities to assure that the hardened shelter is ready for crisis time operations. As we do total service from manufacturing the products to the installation, we can ensure the best possible customer service for various kinds of projects, with the best possible products and quality.

We are flexible and financially strong to handle large projects and to be able to invest in new products, production methods and innovations. Product development is a major part of our daily work and we have highly qualified design engineers for that purpose. We do also consulting for hardened shelters and our own design engineers can use our modern design tools to draft, draw or design a shelter and its ventilation systems including placement for the different parts as blast valves, blast doors, overpressure blast valves and chemical warfare agent detection systems.   

All of our products are tested and certified by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Our product range starts from manually operated ventilation systems and leads to NBC-filtration systems powered by our own diesel engines or by auxiliary power from other source. This enables us in markets to be a total service provider. We have been supplying equipment’s for military, government and civil engineering projects.

Our products are suitable for different kinds of usage, not only for military or civil defense purposes. Blast valves can be used in petrochemical industry to protect from possible flashback incidents. New innovations and product development is one of the forward pushing issue that we like to challenge in our everyday work. No matter if the project is small or big, we will tackle it with the same enthusiasm to get the best possible result for the customer cost and quality wise.

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