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Suoja-Expert Oy is a Finnish civil defence company that serves its customers nationwide. Our product range and services encompass everything from building civil defence shelters and renovating them to installing the required equipment and ventilation systems. 

Our design engineers are familiar with the civil defence laws and regulations. You’re welcome to contact us about matters of any size, we’ll be glad to help you.

We renovate shelters built in the 1950's and 60's to meet the current civil defence laws and regulations. 

In case you are building a shelter from prefabricated units, we can also deliver the inlets and doors directly to the prefabrication factory. 

Our customer relationships are based on top know-how and long-term collaboration. Expertise and high-quality service are among the keystones of our business.  
Suoja-Expert Oy is a pioneer in its field of business and therefore obliged to act transparently and responsibly in relation to its stakeholders. Our customers expect competitive strength, commitment as well as profitable and eco-friendly civil defence solutions.

Suoja-Expert Oy aims to be known throughout as a proficient and reliable manufacturer of civil defence equipment.

Suoja-Expert Oy   |   Hannuksenpelto 3   |   02270 ESPOO, FINLAND   |   Business ID 0567092-7   |   Tel.0207 600 700
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