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Suoja-Expert serves constructors with casting controls, commissioning, tightness tests, consulting, and training. Naturally, we present competitive offers for all our work and quickly answer your calls for tender. We also renovate outdated shelters.

Rules and regulations for constructors

According to the Finnish Government regulations, the walls and ceiling of a S1 protection class shelter should be made of reinforced concrete at least 300 mm thick. Load-bearing partition walls and pillars should be made out of reinforced concrete and floors (also intermediate floors in case of a two-storey shelter) should be of reinforced concrete at least 150 mm thick. The walls and ceiling of S2 protection class shelters should be of reinforced concrete at least 400 mm thick, and floors that are not located on top of rock mass reinforced concrete at least 200 mm thick. The walls functioning as targets for blast pressure in the tunnels of a bedrock shelter should be made of reinforced concrete and at least 800 mm thick. Walls, pillars and intermediate floors inside S2 protection class shelters and bedrock shelters should be made of at least 200 mm thick reinforced concrete.
A bedrock shelter’s placement, shape, rock overburden (walls and ceiling), and reinforced structures need to be designed according to rock mechanics.  Flood risk needs to be taken into consideration when designing and constructing a bedrock shelter. The rock mechanical dimensioning of bedrock structures can be made through calculations or with the help of tabular dimensioning. 


  • Calls for tender

  • Casting control

  • Commissioning and tightness tests

  • Consulting and training

  • Stages of shipment

  • Instruction and maintenance manuals

  • Renovation

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